Alife Marcus Garvey Hoodie


To celebrate Black History Month, Alife® is releasing a series of six hoodies, each featuring the name of a different figure pivotal to promoting African American culture and values in the United States. The names prominently displayed on the hoodies range from James Baldwin, to political activist Marcus Garvey.

Marcus Garvey, originally from Jamaica, is regarded as the leader of the largest organized mass movement in black history and the progenitor of the modern Black Is Beautiful revival that reached its climax in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. In the years following World War I, he urged black Americans to be proud of their identity. Garvey enjoyed a period of profound black cultural and economic success, with Harlem, NYC serving as the movement’s mecca.

The heather grey hooded sweatshirts are all made of a heavyweight, pre-shrunk 14 oz fleece, with the name screen printed on the chest, and ribbed cuffs and sides.

A portion of proceeds will go towards supporting African American history & culture institutions in the United States.


  • Heather grey
  • 14 oz fleece, pre-shrunk
  • 100% Cotton


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